Purebred Breeding Stock

Our ewes lamb in late March to early May. We wean at 120 days. Lambs are grass-fed with some supplemental grains. The top rams and ewes are kep for replacements or sale as purebred breeding stock. The rest are sold as market lambs at auction or by private treaty. Our flock is certified B Ovis free annually. All breeding sheep are codon tested for scrapies susceptibility and are either RR or QR. All rams are semen tested prior to sale.

We participate in the National Sheep Improvement Program (NSIP) and keep records to provide genetic information in our rams and ewes. Estimated breeding valued (EBV) are calculations for birth weight, wean weight, yearling weight, wooi characteristics, loin ultrasound measurements and number of lambs born. The USA range index combines these traits into one index. For more information go to NSIP.org.